CatIdea Deodorizing and Grooming Wipes For Cats

By CatIdea

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  • Natural ingredients neutralize a wide variety of odors for long-term odor control. Moisturizing factors nourish the hair follicles to reinforce the skin and coat. Gentle formula replenishes the natural protective oils to help minimize shedding and prevent hairball. Balanced blends rid cat's fur of allergens while leaving behind a pro-active allergy protection.


    • Protects against allergies and smelly fur
    • Environmentally friendly for a clean pet and an even cleaner environment!
    • Comes in a pack of 25pcs or 100pc
    • Suited for both dogs and cats

      • Breed Size: All Breeds
      • Life Stage: All Stages
      • Made In: China

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        1. Removal of tearsClear ugly cat eye tears and dirt, restore the original color of hair around the eyes, cat eyes make more sparkle. When cleaning wipes on the top of the index finger, gently wipe outward from the eye angles.
        2. Ear CleaningCleaning cat ear and ear canal secretions and dirt, prevent ear mites. When cleaning cat is holding chin on the top of the index finger wipes to wipe slowly.
        3. Nose and mouth clean -Clean dirt and cat muzzle the mouth, beard food stains on the stains.
        4. Foot Cleaning -Foot pads for cleaning, decontamination, soften skin, restore foot pink color.
        5. Clean hair -For clean body hair, gently wipe along the direction of the hair to remove dirt and greasy fur on.