Bringing home a new cat & finding the perfect name!

by Curious Cat People July 10, 2022 5 min read

Bringing home a new cat & finding the perfect name!

Bringing home a new cat & finding the perfect name!

Bringing home a new cat is fun and exciting! There's a lot to do (don't worry, we have a list), but don't forget about finding the perfect name. Whether you have an adorable new kitten on the way or want to re-name your rescue whom you have taken into your home, you want to pick a unique name that fits her personality.

20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

Cat-proof your home

First things first. For the safety of your new kitten, cat-proof your home. We will not dwell on the details in this article, but in summary, you’ll need to:

  • Cat-proof your windows
  • Hide away household cleaners and other chemicals
  • Hide away supplements and medications
  • Hide away pieces of jewellery and other accessories
  • Hide away breakables
  • Hide cords and wires
  • Store food items in cupboards
  • Remove any toxic plants from your home
  • Close the washing machine and dryer
  • Make sure rubbish bins are secure  

20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

After much research and consideration, we think these are some of the more interesting names with equally interesting meanings. We hope this will help inspire you in your quest to find that special name for your new kitty.  

10 unique female cat names

  1. Aura
    Meaning: In Greek mythology, Aura represents the Titan of pure air and morning breeze. She was transformed into a fountain by Zeus.
  2. Andromeda
    Meaning: Name of Ancient Greek origins that means "Ruler of men". Andromeda was the daughter of the king of Ethiopia Cepheus and his gorgeous wife Cassiopeia. Andromeda was extremely beautiful too, just like the constellation that carries her name.
  3. Vita
    Meaning: Vita is a beautiful name with a powerful meaning. It means "life" in Latin.
  4. Kiya
    Meaning: She was one of the wives of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. Kiya is very mysterious since there's not so much documented about her. She had several titles including: "The Favourite" and "The Greatly Beloved".
  5. Mei
    Meaning: Mei (美) is a very sweet name that means "beautiful".
  6. Layla
    Meaning: Layla (ليلى) means "night" in Arabic.
  7. Sienna
    Meaning: Sienna is a yellow-brown earth pigment. The name is in honour of the Italian city of Siena. Since the Renaissance, it has been one of the most used brown colour tones by artists.
  8. Ada Lovelace
    Meaning: Ada was an English mathematician and considered to be the world’s first computer programmer. She was the first to recognize that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation and published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine.
  9. Aiko
    Meaning: Aiko (あいこ) means "beloved child" in Japanese.
  10. Lilo
    Meaning: Lilo is a name of German origin and it means "generous one".

    We did say 10 unique female cat names but after some consideration, we just couldn’t miss adding one more unique name, specifically this name:

  11. Felicity
    Felicity means “intense happiness,” and what better name for the joyous new addition to your family?  

20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

10 unique male cat names

  1. Atlas
    Meaning: Atlas means "to carry". He was a mythical Titan who bore the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.
  2. Perseus
    Meaning: In Ancient Greek Mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and the brave hero who defeated Medusa to save Andromeda.
  3. Maximus
    Meaning: Maximus means "greatest" in Latin.
  4. Ramses
    Meaning: The name Ramses comes from Ancient Egypt and it means "Son of Ra". Ramses II was one of the most celebrated Egyptian pharaohs.
  5. Jun
    Meaning: Jun (君) means "king" in Chinese.
  6. Hakeem
    Meaning: Hakeem (حكيم) means "wise" in Arabic.
  7. Silver
    Meaning: Silver is a colour. As a name, it’s a beautiful sounding name for a silver cat.
  8. Newton.
    Meaning: Isaac Newton was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, author, and philosopher who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution.
  9. Akira
    Meaning: (昭) The meaning of Akira is "bright, clear, ideal".
  10. Bagheera
    Meaning: Bagheera is a black panther (black Indian leopard) who is a fictional character in The Jungle Book. The word Bagh (बाघ) means tiger in Hindi.

    Since we added an extra unique female cat name, we thought it’s only fair that we add one unique male cat name too.

  11. Spock
    Meaning: A cool name for a breed with huge ears, such as an Abyssinian, Sphinx, or Oriental. If you’re a Star Trek fan consider naming your new addition after this iconic Vulcan.

20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

Items to welcome your new kitten

Now that you have cat-proof your home and chosen a name, it’s time to prepare the necessary items to welcome your new family member. If you have other cats at home, take note that some cats do not like to share these items. You know your cat best. If you are concerned that your cat may not want to share his food/water bowls, litter box, or toys, get new ones for the newcomer.

For new cat parents, here’s the basic list of items to prepare for the arrival of your new kitten.

  • Cat food bowl - Here’s a good basic bowl that is made from good quality material, easy to clean and durable - Stefanplast Break 3 Square Cat & Dog Bowl (Green).
  • Cat water fountain or dispenser - The Stefanplast Chic Food & Water Dispenser For Cats & Dogs comes with a graduated scale to monitor your cat's water consumption. We all know how cats tend to consume too little water. This is a good way to monitor your cat’s hydration.
  • Scratching post or Cat tower
  • Cat bed - We like this Nandog Pet Gear Cloud Crown Bed because it's extra soft and snuggly if your cat needs some time alone to snooze. Cats do sleep a lot and an adult cat spends an average of 15 to 16 hours daily snoozing!

    20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

    • Cat toys - Consider a 2-in-1 scratcher cum toy - Kong Scratcher Cat Toy (Squirrel). Get a variety of different types of toys and observe your cat’s preference. The best kitten toy would be the one that your new kitty loves the most and will play repeatedly into adulthood!
    • Cat food - many options out there! Feel free to send us a message if you need help finding the right one for your kitty!
    • Cat litter box and cat litter -This litter box designed to make cleaning up after your cat an absolute breeze - Unicharm Deo Toilet Cat Litter Box (Half Cover). The innovative use of zeolite and silica-based cat litter combines with the unique dual-tier design of the litter tray to extend the mileage of your cat litter, while effectively eliminating unpleasant litter box odours.  

    20 Unique Cat Names with Their Meanings

    Bringing home a new cat is both exciting and a little scary. We hope you find the perfect name for your new kitty! Don't forget if it's your first order with us, use code CURIOUS10 for 10% off when you spend $99!










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