Kitten & Senior Club


How does KSC benefit you & your cat?

We're leading the way to support kittens and senior cats because we understand it's hard to find stuff that suits them in most big-box chains or online pet stores. For example, nutrition, supplements, mobility and comfort needs of kittens and senior cats becomes different as they move through different stages of life.

With a scheme designed for kittens and senior cats, we are offering 5% OFF on all kitten and senior items. This is just one of our ways to give back to our wonderful companions who have given so much to us in their lives.

How does it work?

  • To qualify for KSC, your cat must be less than 18 months old or above 8 years old
  • KSCis a lifetime membership and does not expire
    • KSC is valid for all items in our kittens and senior cats collection
  • Each application is valid for one cat. If there are more than one kitten or senior cat in the household, please submit one application for each animal.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and confirmed within 5 working days, after which an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email address with a promo code
  • Upon confirmation, login to your account with the registered email address and check out with the given promo code on all kitten and senior items.
  • To proceed with application, please familiarise yourself with our "(A) Guide to Proof of Cat's Age & Ownership" before filling up "(B) Application for Kitten & Senior Club"
  • Curious Cat People reserves the right to terminate accounts and demand compensation for damages and loss that are submitted to intentionally abuse or circumvent the intent of KSC


(A) Guide to Proof of Cat's Age & Ownership

    1. Login at to retrieve information of your cat license
    2. Click “My Licenses” and get ready to capture 2 screenshots
    3. Screenshot 1: Download your cat license and capture screenshot indicating Microchip No and Owner’s Name and Address

    4. Screenshot 2: Click “Edit” and capture screenshot indicating Microchip No, Cat's Name and Birth Date

    5. Ensure Microchip No. matches in both screenshots. Please also ensure Owner’s Name, Address, Cat’s Name and Birth Date matches your registered account with Curious Cat People.
    7. Once proof of cat’s age and ownership is in order, you may proceed with "(A) Application Form Submission"


(B) Application For Kitten & Senior Club