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Having trouble looking for a pet store in Singapore that will put your furry friends first? Someone that serves the needs of your cat, and doing so responsibly and ethically? We know from experience that it can be difficult to entrust the welfare of your kitties to “outsiders” that might not have their best interest at heart. 

This is exactly why Curious Cat People work tirelessly to enrich the lives of both cats and their owners by providing thoughtful, ethical and environmentally friendly pet supplies. This careful curation and ownership of responsibility is what makes CCP the best cat & pet food store in Singapore.

For us here at Curious Cat People, our job starts with thoughtfulness - ensuring that every single product sold meets the highest of our standards. We strive endlessly to scrutinize every brand we carry to ensure its safety and to guarantee that it meets both our ethical and environmental standards. We do the hard work for you so that you have more time for what truly matters: spending time with your darlings!

Our Responsibility

With the pet food industry being mostly unregulated, there are loads of dubious marketing gimmicks about various products. Some methods of preparing pet food are also highly unethical and some ingredients are downright dodgy.

Why Buy Cat Food at Curious Cat People

Curious Cat People is the favourite online cat store in Singapore. You will find the world’s acclaimed cat food brands, as well as top quality cat accessories and services.

We understand that every cat has different needs. Perhaps your cat has allergies, is sickly, old or is a kitten. A comprehensive diet and care that fits their needs can help with their quality of life and help them stay healthy! Shop cat wellness products by categories including nutrition, health, hygiene as well as style and living.

Even though we are an online pet store based in Singapore, Curious Cat People ships internationally worldwide. Pet parents everywhere trust CCP to provide accessible, verified and healthful food every time. With us, you will have a sincere guarantee of quality in line with our mission of enriching the lives of both cats and humans! Buy CCP quality here today.