PETKIT Grooming Brush


  • Features

    • PETKIT Giant and handful grooming brush/comb for pets.
    • The push to release button is super easy to remove the hair from the brush quickly.
    • Bent and durable bristles make it easy to store and clean.
    • Rounded metal tines protect pets’ sensitive skin.
    • Combing your pet’s hair deeply will full convivence and comfort. Suitable for all breeds and all types of fur coats. It’s a perfect brush for pets who don't like to be brushed.
    • Dimensions: 190 x 85 x 62 mm

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      • Fill PETKIT Everclean Paw Cleaner & Massager with a reasonable amount of water.
        Repeatedly dunk your pet’s paw in for about a minute or until satisfied.
        Dismantle and wash PETKIT Everclean Paw Cleaner & Massager with running water.
        Best to soak in soap to remove bacteria.