Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

by Curious Cat People August 07, 2022 4 min read

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

All cats, young and old, need toys to keep them stimulated and entertained. Unfortunately, there isn't one toy that every cat will love. Every cat is an individual and the best cat toy for your cat is the one that she will play with! We have rounded up different toys to help you find the right toy for your cat. Read on for our top picks!

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Catnip toy

Most cats simply adore catnip, a fragrant weedy herb. Some can’t seem to get enough of it. But why do they like catnip so much? It’s genetics. The chemical compound called nepetalactone found in catnip causes a state of euphoria in cats. For some cats, the state of euphoria translates into aggressive play. For others, this chemical compound makes them mellow and calm. One thing to note is that catnip reaction is hereditary - not all cats react to it!

Researchers suspect that catnip targets our cats’ "happy" receptors in the brain. So, a catnip-filled toy is perfect to keep your feline friend happy and active. Kong provides a wide range of Kong refillable catnip cat toys. These soft and snuggly plush catnip toys have an easy-open pouch for refilling with fresh catnip once the scent goes off.  

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Cat scratcher toy

A scratcher is a must-have in every household with cats and most cats will lay waste to their scratcher pads in a few weeks. The good news is many scratcher toys now come with replaceable scratcher boards like this PETKIT 4 In 1 Cat Scratcher & Toy. This particular scratcher toy is a multi-functional and award-winning toy (Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016 & iF Design Award 2018). It is not just a basic scratcher, but it comes with a circular track with two (2) MEOW Planets (balls). One of the MEOW Planet balls can be filled with catnip to trigger your cat’s “happy” receptors and encourage play. Your cat will have an exciting time chasing the MEOW Planets (balls) inside the circular track.  

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Teaser toy

A teaser toy is a great way to encourage active play. It is a staple cat toy found in most household with cats. It draws out your cat’s instinct to chase, hunt, and capture his “prey.” This Kong Laser Teaser Flower Wand Cat Toy is the ultimate teaser toy. It’s an interactive toy that comes with a laser. When you move the wand, the colourful teaser flower lures the cat in while the unpredictable laser movement encourages active play and long-lasting fun.

Laser toys encourage fun cardio activities. Any cat will go crazy, pouncing and chasing the elusive dot of a laser pointer. However, care must be taken when playing with a laser pointer cat toy. Do not point the laser light directly into your cat's eyes. It can harm your cat's vision and can even permanently damage their eyes.  

Other good teaser toy that will keep your kitty entertained for hours would be the KONG Connects Bloomz Cat Toy. This toy comes with a suction cup for easy attachment at different locations for varied play. Adding to the fun is a spring-loaded stem that stands ready to sway, enticing pouncing, batting, and swatting all while satisfying the cat’s natural instincts.   

Crinkle or squeaker toy

Cats get really excited at the sound of crinkly or squeaky materials. A crinkle or squeaker toy will get any cat’s attention and drives them to pounce or chew on it. The Nandog Pet Gear My BFF Lobster Squeaker Toy is made with super soft, cuddly luxe plush and comes with a squeaker inside. It’s durable for rough play and a great snuggle companion for your cat too!  

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Interactive toy

Indoor life can be a bit mundane for a cat that is a natural born hunter and would normally spend its day in the wild stalking and catching prey. An interactive cat toy can be the answer to banish boredom. Interactive cat toys should ideally get your kitty moving while also being unpredictable. It should entice kitty to jump, pounce, and bat, providing mild aerobic exercise that they might have obtained while hunting for prey in the wild. It should also provide some form of mental challenges that will keep them from boredom.

The best interactive toys for cats allow them to engage in their natural hunting behaviours and one such toy is the Kong Glide ‘N Seek Interactive Cat Toy. The toy’s magnetic levitation technology brings the feather toy to life—bouncing, jumping and spinning unpredictably. The peek-a-boo holes will keep your cat guessing as he hunts and chase his feathered prey. This interactive cat toy will definitely stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct, encouraging physical and mental engagement.

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Chew toy

When we think of chew toy, the first thing that comes to mind would be a chew toy for a dog or a puppy. But it turns out, chew toys are actually highly beneficial to our feline friends, too. Not only do chew toys satisfy your kitty’s hunting and prey instincts, but they can help clean your cat’s teeth as well.

A few things to take note when choosing a chew toy. Firstly, determine your cat’s needs. If you have a teething kitten, then consider kitten teething toys that are soft and soothing for his achy gums like this Kong Kitten Kickeroo Cat Toy. If you have an adult cat that simply enjoys the act of chewing, then a regular cat chew toys will fit the bill.

Always look for high-quality materials that go through testing for durability and are certified safe for cats. And find a cat chew toy that can easily be cleaned. This may mean that it can be thrown in the washing machine for proper cleaning to prevent bacteria build-up.  

Find the Right Cat Toy - 2022 Guide

Remember that there is no one toy that every cat will love. Don’t be disappointed if your kitty turns up his nose at the item you offer him. You may have to get a few different types of toys, and observe your cat's preference before getting it right with your cat.  










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