Five Tips for Training your Cat

by Curious Cat People May 20, 2021 3 min read

Five Tips for Training your Cat

Can cats really be trained? Well, despite how free-willed and independent they are, cats can benefit a lot from training too! Of course, typical methods made for training dogs probably don’t work. But what you may not realise is that you’ve been training your cat every day!

Let’s take a look at how to train a cat and how you can change your daily behaviour to encourage good feline behaviour!


Five Tips for Training your Cat


#1 Ignore Bad Behaviour

How many times have you seen your cat misbehave and shouted “No!” or tried to grab them? This type of negative reinforcement may work for other animals but cats don’t understand negative reinforcement at all!


While you might think you’re scolding your cat, they actually see it as you giving them attention! In their head, any attention is better than no attention - so they often mistake this scolding as a reward.


The next time your cat misbehaves, instead of scolding them, ignore their behaviour!


#2 Hold Your Ground


Tied to point #1, when training your cat, hold your ground!


When cats can’t get their way, they’ll try even harder to get it before they stop trying at all. So if you’re trying to get them to stop doing something, they may meow louder and be more disruptive to get attention. It might be hard to ignore, but training your cat to stop bad behaviour will require patience.


Be consistent about ignoring bad behaviour!


Five Tips for Training your Cat


#3 Replace Bad Behaviour

Other than ignoring your cat when they do something wrong, try replacing their bad behaviour with good ones. Is your cat scratching the couch up? Teach them to use a scratching post instead. Use treats and toys to encourage her to use the right tools for accomplishing her needs. Continue ignoring your feline when they make mistakes, but reward them handsomely if they behave well!

It also helps to make good behaviour easy for cats. This can help to train your cat to use the toilet! For example, use Nurture Pro’s Flushable Cat Litter so you can place your kitty’s litter box in the toilet. That way, you can help encourage them to move from their litter box to the toilet bowl more easily.


Five Tips for Training your Cat

#4 Start Small

 Cat training takes time. But it helps to start small. This is especially important if you’re trying to correct any bad habits your cat has had for a long time!

As your cat understands how their training works, they’ll come to understand how you want them to behave! The first step is to try teaching them something small and easy - like responding to their name.


Stand a metre or so away from your cat and call their name. Say “Come” and hold out a treat for them. If they don’t react, move closer and get your cat to follow your hand to you. Repeat this cat training consistently, and keep increasing the distance between you and your cat. Eventually, you should even be able to call them without using cat treats.


It can also be helpful to use a cat clicker like PetSafe’s Clik-R Training Clicker. These cat clickers are just as great for cats as they are for dogs. They’re a great way of quickly reinforcing your cats behaviour!


Five Tips for Training your Cat

#5 Handsome Rewards

Cats LOVE treats! They’re a great way to give your feline positive reinforcement and most cats are absolute suckers for tasty snacks like The Real Meat’s All Natural Lamb & Liver Jerky Cat Treats!

Make sure to use small rewards that your cat is still enthusiastic about. It’s also important to adjust your feline’s diet accordingly to avoid weight gain. As your cat gets more used to cat training, you can also start introducing more complex training.


Need to get your cat somewhere? Try learning how to walk a cat and train them to be comfortable with a leash like Red Dingo’s Classic Cat Harness and Lead or getting used to using a carrier.


    Five Tips for Training your Cat

    Some people might say it’s impossible to train cats, but it can be easy as pie! All it takes is plenty of patience and positive rewards! Training your cat will become easier and easier, as they start understanding what you want them to do. Just make sure to hold your ground!



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