Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats

by Curious Cat People March 29, 2021 3 min read

Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats

Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats 

With COVID-19 making work from home the new normal, our cats and us have settled into a new routine - one that includes a lot more time spent together. For most of us pet owners, that’s a huge blessing!

After all, our adorable kitty coworkers are great sources of stress relief between difficult business calls and deadlines. But they can also be a little too playful… In fact, the internet is littered with videos of cute cats interrupting their owner’s work! As funny as that may be, it can be disruptive.


Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats


So what can you do to keep your sanity while sharing your new workspace with your cats? Let’s find out!

#1 Lots of Pre-work Playtime

Energetic cats can be disruptive cats! So to keep your home office peaceful and quiet, be sure to help your cat expend their energy before work. A short session of playtime with their favourite toy will tire your cat coworker out and put them in a better mood for work.

In particular, try to keep playtime outside your home office area if you can. That way, when you’re working in your office, your cat won’t think it’s playtime!

#2 Set Up Your Cat’s Office

Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats

Cats just LOVE walking across our keyboards or block our view while we’re working or having important conference calls. It’s cute the first few times, but can definitely get on our nerves.

To get them off your desk, make sure to set up a suitable space for your cat! A comfortable cat bed near your desk can be great for particularly clingy cats. You might also want to consider setting up a nice cat condo like Pet Rebels luxurious Kings and Queens Catharina Cat Tree. That way, your cat has their own office space to play and rest in while you work in yours!


#3 Take Lunch Breaks Together

Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats


Cuddles with cats are great fun and an awesome way to reduce stress on a busy home work day! Even a short 10 minute snuggle session can do wonders for both you and your kitty coworker.

So make sure to make the best use of your break times and schedule in those snuggle breaks!

#4 Give Your Cat Some Work

Cats need plenty of stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Cats with not enough playtime can not only have destructive behaviour like scratching up furniture or chewing on important cables, they can also be distractions to your work!

To get your cat off your back, make sure to get your cat plenty of “work” to do! An interactive toy they can play with on their own time like All For Paws’ King’s Fun Zone Scratcher is perfect for any cat!



Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats


You might even want to try giving your cat their very own kitty laptop! Cats actually love mirroring our behaviours! So if you have an old laptop around or some cardboard, you can easily set up a workstation for your cat. Next time you’re working, be sure to check in on your kitty co-worker to see if they’re putting in the hours too!

An old tablet with cat-friendly apps can also do wonders for distracting our fur babies!


#5 Set Working Hours

Cats are creatures of habit. They know exactly when they want food, playtime or a cuddle. So to minimise distractions, help your cat settle into a schedule that fits with your work schedule.


Spend a couple days tweaking your cat’s body clock and schedule - with any luck, they’ll be sleeping while you work, and playing while you’re on break!


Kitty Coworkers 101: 5 Tips for Working From Home with Cats


Our kitty coworkers may seem like they prefer to be solitary, but at the end of the day, most cats love to share in our lives and what we do. Walking across our keyboard or jumping on a Zoom call with us is just their way of asking for our attention.


All we need to do is spend a little bit of extra time with our kitty co-workers and our work from home life will be a breeze!





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