New Year, New Cat!

by Curious Cat People December 30, 2021 5 min read

New Year, New Cat!

2021 is almost over! As fast as this year has passed us by, it’s important to celebrate the milestones you and your cat have experienced this year. In fact, it’s a great time to reflect on your journey as a pet parent.

Check out these tips to help your furry companion live their best life in the coming year!

New Year, New Cat!

#1 Tired Cats are Happy Cats

Ironic as it may seem, keeping your cat happy is all about managing their energy levels. A cat with high energy is a cat that’s probably going stir crazy staying indoors.

Thankfully, there are a whole lot of ways you can help your cat get rid of their excess energy. Hands-off interactive toys are a great option for keeping your cat tired without making you tired too.

But if you want a little more direct interaction with your cat, there are plenty of teaser toys like Kong’s Laser Teaser Wand Cat Toy around! Toys like these are a ton of fun for you and your cat - plus, they make for great play time tools for both you and your cat to bond and spend time together.

#2 Help Your Cat Find New Habits

Even domesticated cats still have plenty of their ancestor’s hunting instinct and interest! As such, climbing and bird watching will definitely come naturally to them. Turning your cat’s favourite corner of the house to a bird watching perch can give your cat one more thing to do around the house.

It’s also extra easy to set up a simple bird viewing station - all you need is a cat window perch or a tall cat tower like Pet Rebels’ King & Queens Cat Tower. Place these near a window, with an optional bird feeder outside and your pet’s favourite new pastime is ready!

New Year, New Cat!

#3 Hunting Time

Outside of bird watching and climbing up towers, cats can also satisfy their natural feline instincts through hunting! Of course, indoor cats may have some trouble with this and may not receive sufficient mental and physical stimulation inside.

To help your cat hone their hunting instincts, try performing different hunting exercises with them. You can hide their favourite treats around the house or freeze the tastiest treats in ice cubes. Kong’s Fishing Pole Teaser Toys also make for long hours of hunting practice.

With enough time and practice, your cat will definitely become a master hunter!

#4 Pairing Your Pets

While the work from home situation has probably been a welcome change in our pet’s lives, the reality is we’ll all be heading back to the office for work soon. Sadly, this means most of us pet parents won’t be able to spend as much time at home with our cats as we used to.

To help your favourite feline companion stave off loneliness and boredom, perhaps you can consider getting a second cat to act as their new buddy. Having a friend to play and hunt with can go a long way in keeping both cats happy!

This 2022, maybe consider adopting a cat from a local shelter and help the local stray community out!

#5 Sprinkle a Little Catnip

If your cat is feeling a little grumpy, catnip might be just the thing you’re looking for. These harmless plants contain a natural oil known as Nepetalactone which has a strong positive effect on your cat’s mood. It’s completely harmless and temporary, yet provides your cat a natural and mild high.

Not every cat is affected by catnip, unfortunately, but the ones who do will be plenty happy and stimulated with a little bit of catnip. If you’re keen to try, Kong’s Refillable Catnip Cat Toy will definitely do the trick. Just add some catnip to the resealable pouch and let your cat have a sniff!

New Year, New Cat!

#6 Go For A Walk

Most indoor cats can only dream of leaving the house. While some of them will probably be plenty happy lazing around at home, many cats will enjoy a trip outside the home every once in a while.

If you’re comfortable with it, consider purchasing a harness and leash like Red Dingo’s Classic Cat Harness and Lead and training your cat to walk on a leash. With enough training and time, you’ll be able to enjoy walks with your cat! You can even leave them tethered outdoors as you handle your own outdoor chores. (Of course, you should never leave your cat completely alone when tethered!)

#7 Prepare a Catio

Another way to breathe some life into your cat’s everyday routine is to build a catio for your cat! Catios are exactly what they sound like - Patios for your cats! These Catios can be installed on your deck or patio to allow your cat to spend some time outdoors without needing a leash or being placed in danger.

There are plenty of premade catio options out on the market, but it’s also completely possible to build one yourself. This 2022, consider preparing a catio for your feline friend!

New Year, New Cat!

#8 Spay and Neuter Them

If you haven’t yet spayed or neutered your cat, 2022 is the perfect time to do so.

Cats that haven’t gone through their spay or neuter are more than likely to be driven strongly by their hormones. They’ll be clawing to leave the house to find a mate and will most likely be stressed out of their minds during this period.

If you want to keep your cat happy and most importantly, healthy, you should definitely spay and neuter them as soon as they’re able to!

New Year, New Cat!

#9 Fresh Water Only

Your household cat may not always verbalise when they aren’t getting enough water, but even if they don’t seem to need it, you should always prepare extra fresh water for them.

Without sufficient water, your cat will become dehydrated. This can cause a whole host of health issues like urinary tract infections to develop. If your cat seems to be a little picky with their water source, never fear! Give Cheerble’s Pet Fountain a try!

This particular water fountain makes no motor noise and uses a shallow and wide water dish. Your cat’s whiskers will never need to touch the water, making for an extra comfortable drinking experience.

#10 Shower Them With Love

This last tip is as simple as it gets! With one more year of cat ownership under your belt, you’re entitled to spend some time loving and spoiling your cat rotten! At the end of the day, the best way to keep your cat happy is simply to spend time with your cat every day.

In 2022, make a resolution for yourself to spend extra time with your cat - you’ll be best friends in absolutely no time at all!

New Year, New Cat!

In short, as the new year comes around, make sure to prepare for another stellar year with your kitty by finding new ways to help your cat occupy time. Most of all, carve out some time in your busy schedule to give your cat love and attention. Let’s make 2022 a wonderful new year for you and your kitty!










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