Tech for Cats - Cheerble

by Curious Cat People October 14, 2021 4 min read

Tech for Cats - Cheerble

Pet parents today are spoilt for choice when it comes to tools for enriching their kitties' lives. With the advent of technology, the best cat toys and products are becoming more and more advanced. In fact, there are now hundreds of different options for everything from automated litter boxes to high-tech smart cat toys and feeders!

Why Cat Tech?

While cats can have plenty of fun with simple household items, electronic and technology-enabled products bring out the best in our kitties.

Tech for Cats - Cheerble

Active cats will love running after interactive cat toys - and it spares you from having to keep up with a high-energy feline! Other cats will embrace the tech to fight boredom and stimulate their active minds. Smart companies are also creating products that make our lives just a little bit easier - and the joy of cat caregiving all the more exciting!

The Cheerble Story

So if you’re looking for the best in cat tech - look no further than Cheerble!

Founded in 2017, Cheerble’s creates new and innovative ways for our cats to play and have fun! Plus, their products are easy to use and maintain for us pet parents, combining trend-setting innovation with dynamic and uncomplicated design. So what smart cat products does Cheerble have for your feline? Let’s take a look!

Tech for Cats - Cheerble

The Cheerble WickedBall

Is your high-energy cat giving you a headache? Help them get some energy out with Cheerble’s 100% automatic and interactive toy for your cat - The Cheerble WickedBall.

The Cheerble WickedBall rolls all on its own and even reacts to your cat’s movement, mimicking prey behaviours. It encourages them to hunt, providing them with endless fun! Plus, this smart cat ball is covered in a water-proof and scratch-proof synthetic fibre that’s even replaceable.

Forget about reaching under the sofa or table to find your cat’s old toys. The Cheerble WickedBall also comes with automatic sensors that avoid obstacles and other objects around them. That’s sure to save you from back pain down the road. The Cheerble WickedBall has 3 different interaction modes from jumping to rolling to match your kitty’s favourite play style. The Cheerble smart cat toy’s “Gentle” mode helps reduce noise on hardwood floors and makes it super easy to play even on carpets.

It’s also equipped with a 10 minute play and 30 minute rest cycle. This helps keep the cat toy fresh and exciting, while ensuring your cat doesn’t tire herself out too much. All you have to do is recharge the ball every 8 hours with a USB.


Tech for Cats - Cheerble

Cheerble Board Game for Cats

If you’re looking for a tool that does it all, Cheerble’s Board Game is the perfect product for your feline!

This brand new 3-in-1 Smart Cat toy is specially designed to keep your cat happy and active. Not only does it come with the aforementioned Cheerble WickedBall, it’s also a working scratcher and a comfy space for your cats to snuggle in!.

The Cheerble Board Game set is a one-size-fits-all cat toy set that’s perfect for any cat - from the smallest kittens to the largest kitty cats. It's also a great activity centre for homes where space is a concern. Place the Cheerble Ball inside the Board Game and your cat will have plenty of fun chasing the ball inside the confines of the board game. Holes in the Board Game also add an extra layer of fun, allowing cats to hunt, catch and grab their “prey”, For cats that prefer teaser cat toys, the Game Board also comes installed with a fluffy teaser!

If your cat has lots of scratching instincts, the built-in scratching pad of the Cheerble Board Game will definitely provide much needed relief. This way, the furniture in your home will definitely avoid getting scratched up ever again. It’s also made to be extra sturdy to fend against the toughest scratchers around.


Tech for Cats - Cheerble

Cheerble Pet Fountain Kitty Spring

Now that your kitty is all tuckered out, it’s important to help them keep fresh and hydrated with Cheerble’s Pet Fountain Kitty Spring. This cat water fountain is the perfect tool for picky drinkers - it helps keep your cat’s drinking water fresh and clean. Best of all, this cat tech water fountain doesn’t use electric motors, filters or other noisy tech, helping to keep your home quiet as a mouse.

This cat fountain is able to hold up to 420 ml, satisfying your cats for at least 2 days. Now you won’t have to refill your cat’s water as many times as before - saving you plenty of hassle and giving them access to fresh water, a must for picky drinkers.

Designed to be extra ergonomic and easy to clean, the Cheerble Pet Fountain is great for cats of all sizes. The specially designed shallow water dish makes sure your cats’ adorable whiskers never brush against the side. This prevents whisker stress and makes for an extra comfy drinking area.

This October, enjoy 10% off on Cheerble’s amazing high-tech feline products. This deal is exclusive to CCP, so enjoy them here!








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