The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture!

by Curious Cat People August 19, 2021 4 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture!

Cats are natural-born scratchers. They have strong retractable claws that were built for feline ancestors to hunt, protect themselves and mark their territory. Nowadays, for most house cats, scratching has also become a form of anxiety relief and exercise. Scratching also sharpens and maintains their nails, making them feel more comfortable. 

But while scratching is a stress relieving necessity for cats, every cat owner’s worst nightmare is coming home to scratched up furniture!

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture

To keep our furniture scratch-free and our feline friends stress-free, it’s absolutely vital to invest in good cat furniture! Of course, if your cat still prefers to scratch on your furniture, you can also give NaturVet’s Bitter YUCK! Spray a try! This specially formulated spray helps safely prevent cats from chewing on furniture without causing them harm.

But how do you decide which type of cat furniture to get? What type of feline furniture are there? Where can you buy furniture for SG Cats?

Before Buying New Furniture

Cats are sometimes finicky creatures - they have their own likes and dislikes, and can sometimes get bored of their toys quickly. They love fresh and new experiences that keep them on their toes without overexerting them!

So some important things to consider when purchasing feline furniture include:

Your Cat’s Personality

You know your cat best. How easily do they get bored of their toys? Where do they enjoy hanging out in your home? What kind of toys does your cat like?

Finding out the answers to these questions can help you figure out where you should place your cat furniture, what type of furniture you should get and even how big a cat tree you should get and with how many activities or perches!

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture

But at the end of the day, it’s also all about trial and error! Try our cheaper options before moving on to larger and more permanent ones, to get a sensing of your cat’s likes and dislikes! 

Your Cat’s Age / Activity Level

Cats love climbing and jumping around perches. They love scratching and hiding in dark places, and a good cat tower should meet all of those needs. 

That said, different cats have different physical ability, especially if your cat is getting older or is still a kitten. If they’re having a hard time climbing or jumping, try a smaller and more accessible option like a simple scratching post and smaller cat houses.

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture

Space Available

There are many different types of cat furniture - from large cat condos with multiple perches and hiding spots to smaller cat beds and cat perches that can be mounted on walls or placed on the floor.

It’s important to assess just how much space you have in the home for your cat to run around in - as well as how much space your cat needs. If you have multiple cats, for example, you’ll need to have double the space as many cats don’t like to share.

Thankfully, you can optimise your space easily because of the number of cat furniture options in the market. If you live in a smaller apartment with less floor space for instance, consider having more kitty viewpoints high up on your walls!


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture

Purchasing Feline Furniture

A good place to start when it comes to furniture for the cats of Singapore is right here at the Curious Cat People! We love our cat companions and everything about them - and are committed to providing the very best feline products on the market that are safe for you and your cats.

We also carry many different cat furniture options! So here are some great feline furniture choices you can find here at different budget points, for different space constraints and styles so you can pick the right cat furniture for your home!


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture


Smaller and often much more affordable, Cat scratching posts and scratching toys like this Pyramid House from PetKit are excellent starting points for cat furniture! These ones in particular are not only functional scratching posts, but also are cute for your house.

That said, there are tons of different basic scratching posts. Basic cardboard scratchers like this adorable crocodile scratcher from Honeycare lay on the ground and are affordable and easy on the claws. Taller standing posts make for great exercise for cats. These furniture aren’t just affordable, they’re also small and great for place with limited space!

    The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture


    If you have a little more space in the home, you should definitely invest in a larger cat tree like Petrebels’ Cheap Bastards Atlanta 60 Cat Tree. These cat trees make great all-in-one hidey holes, activity areas and scratching posts for cats!

    They also come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that fits your home aesthetic.

    Another great option is a cat cubby like this Northcote Cat Cubby by FuzzYard.  It's not only a comfy place for your cat to sleep, but also a great option for those who love to hide from the world.


    For those tech lovers, why not check out the PetKit Smart Cat & Dog House? This smart house syncs to your phone so you can monitor kitty's sleep patterns, adjust temperature and humidity.  

    If you have multiple cats, or if you just want to treat your feline friend, cat trees like PetRebels Sweet Petite Cabin 125 Cat Tower is a great option. Its a great size and should still provide just enough lounging space for your kitty! Just make sure to add in a few other furniture like cat shelves if needed!


    The Ultimate Guide to Cat Furniture

    The right cat furniture won’t just bring your cat companion endless hours of joy (and restful naps!), it’ll also help prevent your furniture from getting scratched up and destroyed. It may not seem like it, but cat furniture can be a long term investment. So make sure to take some time to consider what your household needs and especially what your cat companion needs to be happy, before purchasing any cat furniture!




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