PETKIT PURA Cat Litter Box with PURA Air Smart Pet Odor Eliminator


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  • The PETKIT ‘Pura Box’ Motion Sensored and Odour Eliminating Smart Cat Litter Box is a specially designed Air Purification system meant to both purify the air while removing bad odours due to faeces or urine – while emitting a fresh-smelling fragrance. This litter box features a removable, insertable and included PURA handheld Odour Eliminating device that is motion-sensored and turns on every time your pet emits Faecal Matter or Urination inside (hence motion). The PURA Handheld Eliminator then goes to work immediately by removing any such bad smells or odours while purifying the air quality by emitting Negative Ions into the air while filtering out unhealthy air particles. Features a beautiful matted down modernised structure that is heavy duty and built-to-last.

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