Celebrating International Cat Day!

by Curious Cat People August 05, 2021 4 min read

Celebrating International Cat Day!

If you love cats, this is the holiday for you and your feline friend! International Cat Day is happening on the 8th of August!

Started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, this holiday is all about cats - it celebrates and promotes learning about our favourite feline friends. After all, cats are quickly becoming one of the most popular pets to have around the world.

Celebrating International Cat Day!

In fact, in 2019, there were over 85000 pet cats in Singapore and counting!

Let’s find our how we can celebrate International Cat Day and support cats in Singapore!

How To Celebrate International Cat Day

There’s plenty of ways to celebrate an exciting holiday like International Cat Day. This holiday is all about showing appreciation to the cats and cat lovers around you, so let’s take a look at some small ways you can celebrate International Cat Day on your own.

#1 Shower your Cat with Love

If you have a cat of your own, this is a no-brainer. A holiday just for cats is a perfect time to shower your cat with lots of love, attention and of course, gifts!

Celebrating International Cat Day!

Spend some quality time playing with your cat, whether it’s chilling on the couch or playing with their favourite toy. If you’re looking for a brand new toy for your cat, FuzzYard has you covered with a great selection of stylish and fun cat toys tailored just for your feline. To celebrate the holiday we have a great deal on selected FuzzYard toys for as low at $5.60!


#2 Treats, Treats and more Treats!

Outside of spending lots of time with your cat and giving them plenty of attention, there’s another thing you need to do this holiday!

Celebrating International Cat Day!

That’s right, treat your cat to some delicious cat snacks! Give your cat their favourite food - and of course make sure to sneak in plenty of their favourite treats. Sheba’s collection of extra delicious wet cat food and cat treats are a huge hit with our feline friends and are an excellent option as an extra treat.

#3 Share Your Love

Whether you have a cat or not, International Cat Day is perfect for you to share your love of cats with the world.

Celebrating International Cat Day!

Post on social media about your favourite cat facts and treat yourself to some extra time to scroll through your favourite cat social media accounts! Psst.. You can keep up with all the newest cat trends and find the perfect cat gifts on our Instagram @curiouscatpeople

Plus, if you have friends and family who are interested in learning more about cats, it’s also the perfect time to share more about cats with them. In fact, if the circumstances allow it, you might even want to visit a cat cafe.  Otherwise, why not run a cat fact quiz for some easy family fun?

Celebrating International Cat Day!

#4 Show Your Appreciation to Cat Lovers

International Cat Day is all about cats - but it’s also about the people who love cats! This is the best time to reach out and find your cat lover community.

If you have a cat lover and cat owner in your life, it’s a great time to check in on them. Visiting them and hanging out with them and their cats can also be an excellent way to connect and relieve stress. Of course, if you do meet some cat lovers this holiday, make sure to show your appreciation through a few gifts for their cats!

If you’re searching for the perfect cat lover gift, Zeal’s range of extra tasty and healthy cat treats are great for any cat!


Celebrating International Cat Day!

#5 Help Cats Out

Regardless of whether you have a cat of your own, you can contribute to a successful International Cat Day by supporting cats! This is the best time to get involved with your local cat shelter or charities.

With over 80,000 community cats roaming Singapore, helping out with your local community cat population can also be a great help. If you’re interested in lending a hand, you can find out more through Singapore’s Cat Welfare Society, a great non-profit organisation that is always in need of more donations and volunteers!

It’s also a great way for cat lovers to spend lots of time caring for cats. So make sure to also check out shelters like the Kitten Sanctuary or SPCA Singapore to find out how you can support the excellent work they do!


Celebrating International Cat Day!

This International Cat Day, make sure to spend extra time pampering your favourite cats or cat lovers. It’s a really fun holiday and a great excuse to spend a few extra hours lazing around with your cat. Plus, the joy of giving your cat some new treats can’t be replaced! If you can, supporting local cat shelters can also be a really fulfilling way to spend the holiday!

International Cat Day will happen on 8th August 2021.



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