What cat is that?

by Curious Cat People July 29, 2021 4 min read

What cat is that?

Are you a self-proclaimed lover of all cats? Then you just might recognise a few, or even all, of these cat varieties! These local cats are found all over Singapore, and all have their own individual quirks and personality traits to discover and learn about.

What cat is that?

So let’s learn more about the most common cats you can find in Singapore!

#1 The Singapura Cat

That’s right! Singapore has their own special breed of feline named after the island! It was originally recognised as an official cat breed in 1988 and is a heritage mix of the Abyssinian and Burmese cat.

What cat is that?

These small cats are among the smallest breed of domestic cats and absolutely love attention and lots of action! They have a short coat and tend to be sepia-toned, with at least two bands of dark ticking and a dark tip. In Singapore, this cat is also called a Kucinta - combining the Malay words kucing (cat) and cinta (love). They make awesome family pets because of their friendliness and loyalty! That said, because of their high energy levels, it’s good to keep your home well equipped with plenty of adorable toys like KONG’s Wubba Cat Friends Duck Toy!

#2 Maine Coon

Another really popular breed of cat in Singapore is the Maine Coon. This American breed of feline is well known for its beautiful and luxurious coat. But they’re also huge, with the longest Maine Coon measuring 123 cm!

What cat is that?

More than that, these “gentle giants” of the feline world are extra affectionate and very adaptable - making them perfect for a family. While they love attention (as all cats do), Maine Coons are also happy to hang out on their own. Make sure to prepare a nice and cozy area for them to sleep and hang out at, preferably equipped with a comfy bed like PETKIT’s Memory Foam Cooling Pet Bed - perfect for hot Singapore weather!

#3 Munchkins

Going back to the smaller end of the cat breed spectrum, we have the super cute Munchkin cat! Most well known for their short and stubby legs, Munchkins come in all sorts of coats - from long to short, and from Calico patterns to bicolored patterns!

What cat is that??

Munchkins are also great first pets as they’re easy to train and are easy-going. They’re also extra intelligent and very social. That said, it’s important to keep them indoors! Unlike their larger counterparts, Munchkins don’t jump around very well and thrive in indoor environments, surrounded by their friends and family. Make sure to get delicious cat food like ACANA’s Wild Prairie Dry Cat Food that’s filled with protein and nutrients to help your beloved Munchkin grow up strong and healthy!

#4 Persian Cats

If you’re looking for a glamorous kitty to keep you company, a Persian cat might fit your needs exactly!

What cat is that?

These cute cats are extra adaptable and super affectionate, although they tend to be shy around strangers. Persian cats are also more suitable for households with no children, as they tend to be more low energy cats.

These quiet cats love to hang around you and prefer lounging on your sofa over climbing up your bookcase! Persian cats also have a beautiful silky and super soft coat that’s great to cuddle up with - however, it also requires plenty of grooming. If you have a Persian cat, make sure to groom them daily with a brush like Petz Route’s Soft Slicker Brush! Persian cats also benefit from weekly baths and can get tear stains more easily due to their adorable pushed-in face. Nevertheless, Persian cats can be super rewarding feline friends to have around the house!

#5 Domestic Shorthair

Stroll down the streets of Singapore and you’re sure to see one of these local cats around!

What cat is that?

 One of the healthiest breeds of cats, this sturdy cat is a great addition to any household and comes in plenty of cat varieties. If you’re looking for a fun and healthy cat to bring into your family, consider adopting stray cats from a shelter!

Domestic Shorthairs are very friendly, agreeable and love to play. They’re also great at balancing and leaping, making it really important to prepare plenty of high up areas for your cat to jump around in. In fact, why not treat your favourite feline to a tall and cozy cat tree like Pet Rebels’ Kings and Queens Catharina Cat Tree! These cats also have keen hunting instincts - get plenty of fun scratching posts and toys to keep them happy and occupied!

What cat is that?

Cats are among the most beloved animals in Singapore. They’re excellent pets and fit right into the regular Singapore lifestyle. If you do adopt a feline of your own, you’re sure to find a lifelong companion that will always have your back! Just make sure to get your home prepped for a new feline housemate - with one of Unicharm’s easy to use Deo-Toilets!





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