Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

by Curious Cat People November 04, 2021 5 min read

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

For the most part, cats appear to be standoffish and don’t often show much affection to other animals. It can seem like an impossible task to pair your feline up with another pet. However, it is actually possible! All it takes is careful consideration and plenty of time for getting your cat warmed up to their new family member!

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

Understanding Your Cat

Why are cats so hard to pair up with other animals?

For one, cats are generally solitary creatures that enjoy staying within their own safe space. Cats also tend to be quite territorial, and may be aggressive toward animals invading their home. Of course, not every cat is the same - some cats do enjoy company but may still prefer to have their own spot in the house.

Cats also have a strong prey instinct. This can of course vary depending on your cat’s personality and the breeds of cat you have - but most cats enjoy hunting and simulate hunting through play. Your cat’s hunting instincts also encourage your feline to pay close attention to quick movements.

The age of your cat may also affect how willing they are to accept a new member into their family. Kittens may be too small and vulnerable to protect themselves and may be more defensive as a result.

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

Selecting The Right Pets

Your cat’s prey instinct, among other issues, can make it hard to introduce small animals to your cat.

Smaller pets like hamsters and mice that are also fast on their feet are unlikely to get a friendly reception from your cat as they can easily trigger your cat’s hunting instinct. On the other hand, the relationship between cats and rabbits or cats and ferrets can be relatively good because they’re larger in size.

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

Outside of selecting the right breed of pet - you should also be aware of the lifestyles and personalities of your cat and their new potential friend.

Slow moving tortoises are great with your cat because they’re likely to avoid your cat altogether and will likely be able to get along with your feline. On the other hand, a pet that’s too active and energetic is sure to frustrate your cat.

Can I Introduce A Dog to My Cat?

Cats and dogs are often depicted as enemies - however, there are many instances of a feline-canine relationship working well.

Nevertheless, it’s important to realise that dogs and cats communicate differently. A friendly dog may approach a cat to say hello, but that can be perceived as threatening - especially if the dog is larger than the cat. Over time, they can gain a better understanding of each other, but it can take a lot of time.

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

If you’re keen on bringing a dog home, make sure to consider the temperament and personality of different dog breeds. For instance, dogs like Beagles and Shih Tzus can be great companions for your cat. They’re appropriately sized and aren’t likely to chase your cat around.

However, adopting a dog of these breeds does not guarantee that your cat will get along with them! Their individual personalities, including your feline’s cat temperament will also affect whether they’re able to co-exist.

Of course, with multiple pets, you’ll probably be combatting multiple sources of odors - in which case, give PetKit’s Air Magicube Smart Odor Eliminator a try! You might also want to get an easy-to-use house disinfectant like Bio-X’s 3-in-1 Aerosol Spray to help clean up messes that your cat and new pets might be making.

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

Introducing Your Cat to a Small Pet

If you’ve decided to get a small pet, it’s vital to get the introduction stage right. Make sure to take your time and keep both pets protected at all times in case things go wrong. First, pick a neutral location not on your cat’s territory to introduce them to each other. Before you introduce your cat to their new friend, try and have plenty of playtime with your cat using toys like Kong’s Window Teaser Cat Toy.

Hold your cat firmly in your hands and allow them to smell the other animal. A cat harness like Red Dingo’s adorable range of Classic Cat Harnesses can also be a great tool for keeping your cat and other pets at a safe distance! Repeat this for several days or weeks until your cat is accustomed to the new pet. You may also want to place a towel or blanket with the small animal’s scent in a location your cat frequents.

Once both pets are used to each other’s presence, you can try allowing them to communicate through a partition like a cage.

Even after your cat has been introduced to their new friend, it’s important to teach your cat the right way to play with them. Most vital of all is to ensure that you never leave your cat unattended while your pet is loose. There is no way to guarantee the safety of all your pets - so make sure to watch out for signs of unease, fear or dominance behaviour.

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

Introducing Your Cat to a Dog

To introduce a new dog to your cat, you can follow the same rough steps as before. However, it’s important to take things even slower as both your cat and dog can potentially injure each other.

Some general steps you can follow include:

  • Keep your Pets Separate
  • Feed them on opposite sides of a closed door
  • Teach basic commands
  • Slowly start face-to-face meetings

Repeat these sessions at least once a day and try to do it only when both your cat and dog are in a calm mood. You can help your cat exhaust some of their energy through interactive toys like Kong’s Glide ‘N Seek Interactive Cat Toy.

If your cat seems to be overly cautious and unable to relax around your new pet, try giving your cat a special treat like Stella & Chewy’s Marvellous Morsels Wet Cat Food to get their attention off your new pet.

Introducing Another Cat to Your Home

As a cat lover, it’s endlessly tempting to bring home another cat! While some cats may not have the personality or temperament for this, most cats can safely befriend a new cat.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind when introducing a new cat to your household. For instance, before bringing home a new cat, it’s vital to create a safe and quiet room for your new cat to hang around that is away from your existing cat.

To find out more about how you can introduce a new cat to your existing cat, take a look at our article here!

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets?

If your cat is lonely or needs a friend, there are so many suitable companion animals that can enrich their lives. The key to building a successful relationship between your cat and their new friend lies in a slow, steady and careful introduction between your cat and your new pet.








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