Where to get a cat in Singapore

by Curious Cat People January 25, 2022 4 min read

Where to get a cat in Singapore

You've finally decided that a cat is to be your fur-ever friend. The next step is to decide where to look for your feline friend and to get your home ready for its arrival. At the very least, you’ll need a way to carry your cat home, some cat-friendly feeding bowls like this PETKIT FRESH NANO Metal Double Cat & Dog Feeding Bowl, a litter box and litter, and a scratcher.

To help you get started on your search, before you hit enter on 'cats for sale Singapore’, here are five (5) places to get a cat in Singapore.

1. Adopt from Animal Shelters

In 2014, it is estimated that there were 50,000 stray cats in Singapore. Though the numbers have dropped drastically over the last few years due to the national Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP), you can still play your part to give these strays a forever home.

Here are 7 animal shelters to adopt a cat.

  1. Keepcats 
  2. SPCA Singapore 
  3. Love Kuching Project 
  4. Action for Singapore Dogs 
  5. Animal Lovers League 
  6. Cat Welfare Society 
  7. Kitten Sanctuary SG 

 Please note that each of the places listed above has its own policies regarding getting a cat. Do enquire according. While policies may differ from place to place, what you should ensure is that the cats are treated in a humane and hygienic manner with proper vaccination documents.


Where to get a cat in Singapore

Many stray cats experience some degree of psychological trauma. Prepare a safe room, a quiet space for your cat to familiarise itself with the scents and sounds of your home.

The safe room can be of any size but must have a secure door. Equip the safe room with:


2. Buy from Registered Breeders

Registered breeders are usually registered with either one or both of the cat clubs:

  • Singapore Cat Club
  • Feline Fanciers Society

They are knowledgeable in cat care, ethical in breeding practices and have entered their cats in championship cat shows. Reputable registered breeders usually specialise in one or two specific breeds only and they do not normally breed cats for sale at pet shops. They will take the time to find out your needs in obtaining a cat, assess your knowledge in cat care and the suitability of your home environment for the cat.

Visit the home where the queen (the mother cat) and the stud (the father cat) reside. Ensure that they are being treated well, in a humane manner. If the cat breeder cannot prove to you that his or her cat has competed in championship cat shows, or that he or she seems like just a run-of-the-mill amateur home breeder, then do not proceed further.


Where to get a cat in Singapore


 3. Buy from Cat Farm

A cat farm, as the name suggest, are establishments that breed or import cats for sale. They usually have a storefront where the animals are on display for sale, and a ‘farm’ where the breeding animals are kept.

If you must buy from a cat farm, always request to view the kennels of the parent cats used for breeding. It has been reported by certain animal welfare organisations that unscrupulous breeding occurs behind the scenes at certain pet farms. The animals used for breeding are kept in appalling conditions, while they churn out litter after litter not unlike a production line.

If you are not allowed to view the parent cats, no matter what reason is given, it is wise to reconsider buying from them. If the animal is claimed to be imported, do ask to see the import documents and overseas breed certification.


Where to get a cat in Singapore


 4. Buy from Pet Shops

There are pet shops that sells pets ethically and honestly. On the other hand, there are also pet shops that sell pets purely for profit. Most kittens for sale in pet shops are obtained from pet farms or are imported. It can be a challenge getting background information on these kittens. At the very least, check all the pet kennels on display, ensure that they are clean, and no kittens (or puppies) show any signs of illness.


Where to get a cat in Singapore


 5. Buy/Adopt from Pet Owners

You may have seen “kitten for adoption” advertisements or postings on online forums and at community noticeboards. Oftentimes, these are from pet owners wanting to sell or give away their litters of kittens.

Again, it is advisable to meet up with the cat owner at the place where the parent cats reside so that you can view the living condition of the parent cats. Make sure that you are not buying from an unethical, backyard breeder! Do spend time interacting with the cats before making any decision.

Once you have decided, know that new cats are often nervous and like to hide. Cardboard boxes make ideal hiding spots. This FuzzYard Northcote Cat Cubby Bed with a covered roof can double up as a hiding spot for your new cat as well.

Spend time with your new cat. The Curious Box (Birds Of A Feather)  specially curated toy bundle is the perfect welcome gift for your new cat. Keep in mind that a nervous cat may growl, hiss, twitch its tails or pull its ears back. The best response is to speak softly followed by giving the cat some time alone.


Where to get a cat in Singapore


Finally, keep an open mind and open heart when looking for your new fur-ever friend. They may find you instead of the other way around. Wherever you decide to look for a cat, you will be starting down a path of friendship that will endure for many years to come. 








Katherine Khoo
Katherine is a Pet Nutrition Specialist and GDP’s Pet Wellness Advisor. She is committed to helping pet owners make informed dietary and lifestyle choices in nurturing healthy pets. Katherine is also a practicing Nutritional Therapist (human nutrition) and have been helping hundreds of clients to heal naturally with nutrients.

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