15% OFF: Unicharm Deo Toilet Cat Litter Box (Full Cover)

By Unicharm


  • The UniCharm cat litter bin is designed to make cleaning up after your cat an absolute breeze. The innovative use of zeolite and silica based cat litter combines with the unique dual-tier design of the UniCharm litter tray to extend the mileage of your cat litter, while effectively eliminating unpleasant litter box odours.

    • Super odour control & easy to clean design
    • Double deck system with strong deodorization for great cleanliness and comfort throughout the week
    • Top layer pellet allows urine flow smoothly to bottom deck, keeping it dry & clean.
    • Bottom Layer absorbent sheet absorbs urine and prevent unpleasant smell
    • Top layer pellet only need to change once a month
    • Bottom layer absorbent sheet only need to change once a week

    • Breed Size:All Sizes
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Dimensions:43 x 40.5 x 54 cm

    • Installation Procedure
      1. Set the upper cover on the litter box below.
      2. Place a piece of sheet on the tray and press it firmly, then push into the innermost part of the litter house.
      3. Pour 2L of sand into top layer and hang the designated scoop on the top of the body.