PETKIT AIR MAGICUBE Smart Odor Eliminator


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  • PETKIT AIR MAGICUBE Smart Odor Eliminator is a mini air purifier to remove those stinky animal odors from your home. With a remote control app and anti-H1N1 virus function, this is the most considerate design of 2020!

    Controlled via both remote and app, this product is the future of home deodorization. No harsh bird-killing aerosols, flowery coverups, or baking soda piles required. Just this little box with a fan and tiny cartridge. Everything about it, from its soft lines to glowing LEDs and four modes, ooze futuristic charm. Only needing a refill once every one to two months, this pet odor eliminator is the hassle-free way to keep your home smelling like (figurative) roses.


    • Subtle and discreet, it’s easily mistaken for a smart device.
    • Can last up to 2 months depending on the frequency of use.
    • Will remind you when you’re running low on liquid deodorizer.
    • Eliminates bacteria, destroys pet odors, and removes formaldehyde from the air.
    • Comes with 4 modes to suit your needs: smart, sleep, powerful, and normal.
    • Intuitive LED panels simplify setting changes.
    • Eco-friendly and strong enough to survive chewing.
    • Wi-fi connected and app controllable.
    • Powered by low consumption 6V Power Adaptor.
    • Dimension: L 18cm x W 18cm x H 21.3cm

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