PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Pet Odor Eliminator


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  • The PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Odor Eliminator is specifically engineered with intelligent technology to remove faecal odor given off by your pet's wastes and refreshes the air for an odor-free environment. PURA AIR controls the odor from the source while removing any airborne bacteria. Besides eliminating the unpleasant smell, it brings a clean living space to you and your pets. Bring back the fresh air for you and your family!


    • Intelligently identify environmental conditions and proactively jetting work mode.
    • Eliminate odor, refreshes the air and decompose odor molecules.
    • Cooperate with negative ions to decrease dust and remove the odor.
    • Two alternative working modes - Inductive mode and Intermittent mode.
    • Inductive mode removes odor automatically using an infrared thermal system whenever your pet enters the detected zone.
    • Sensitive and accurate.
    • The intermittent mode is set to run automatically every 6 hours to ensure the air is fresh all-day.
    • Suppresses the decay of microorganisms contained in odors and prevent bacterial growth.
    • Releases negative ions that deactivate viruses and absorb dust in the surroundings, purifying the air for a better environment.
    • Lights indicator to indicate that it is low on battery (red light) or if it needs to be replaced (orange light).
    • Air freshener can last up to 3 months.
    • Product Dimensions: 16.4cm L x 4cm H x 3.2cm W

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    • Mount PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Odor Eliminator on the wall above your dog's pee pan.
      Replace PETKIT PURA FILTER Solid Air Freshener every 3 months. Replace batteries every 3 months (or when required).