PETKIT EVERSWEET Gen 2 Smart Drinking Fountain 2L for Cats & Dogs


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  • The PETKIT EVERSWEET Smart Drinking Fountain is an intelligent drinking fountain equipped with a Triple Purifying System that provides only the best drinking water for your pets. Equipped with light sensor and water volumetric indicator, this fountain has two intelligent working modes - the SMART mode and NORMAL mode to meet your needs at any time. When the fountain is on the SMART mode, which is more quite and energy-saving, it can automatically change the water welling up frequency between day and night. When working at the NORMAL mode, the water would keep welling up and the pump is working all the time to make sure that your pets can always get access to the fresh water and stay hydrated throughout the day.


    • Nature- inspired design to create a dynamic water flow which entices your pet to consume more water.
    • Transparent inner container helps pet owners to check the water quality directly and to refill water easily.
    • Triple Purifying System: Filters out odour and impurities such as pet hair and heavy metal ions, leaving clean and fresh drinking water which can prevent your pets from getting urinary & kidney issues.
    • Water shortage alert automatically alerts pet owners about water shortage indicated with a blue light.
    • Filter replacement notification notifies you when it is time to replace the filter indicated by an orange light flash located at the bottom of the drinking fountain.
    • Ultra silent design: The water pump in the PETKIT EVERSWEET Smart Drinking Fountain works silently.
    • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.
    • 8L x 18W x 15.5H cm, contains up to 2L of water.
    • Replacement filters sold separately.
    • 1 year manufacturing warranty included.

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      • Fill container with water up to 2L and select either NORMAL or SMART mode.
        Soak new PETKIT EVERSWEET Smart Drinking Fountain filter unit for two minutes before putting filter into filter tray located in the fountain.

        To replace filter, simply follow the step mentioned and reset the drinking fountain by simply holding the black button for five seconds. It is recommended that you clean the motor weekly and change the filter every three months for optimal performance.

        Keep outer tank dry. If required, wipe with a soft rag.
        Wash water container once a week.