PETKIT Everclean Pet Dog Massage Comb


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  • The PETKIT PETKIT Everclean Pet Dog Massage Comb is a paw cleaner with many functions. It is essentially a soft delicate silicone comb that helps to remove pet epidermal hair and massage your dog at the same time. Designed for dual purposes, it works perfectly for both wet and dry usage - use it as a daily brush comb or during bath time for deep cleaning!


    • Compact style designed portable comb
    • Grooms and massage your pet concurrently
    • Made with silicone of the finest quality
    • Curved 3D bristles to remove loose fur and hairballs
    • Can be used during bath for massage to improve blood circulation
    • Made of silicone with added matte oil that is gentle on skin and does not cause irritations
    • Can be used as a bath brush or a massage comb independently
    • Unibody appearance design to reduce combing resistance
    • Silicone bristles easily remove impurities and skin dirt from your pet’s skin.
    • Easy to wash and clean - simply wash the comb under clean water
    • Dries quickly after washing which inhibits the growth of bacteria
    • Product Dimensions: 7.9cm Diameter x 3.6cm H

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