PETKIT Silicone Spill-Proof Cat & Dog Mat (3 Colours)


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  • The PETKIT Silicone Spill-Proof Cat & Dog Mat is made using US FDA-approved material of a premium non toxic food-grade quality. It has an anti-slip back which prevents your pet's bowl from moving during mealtimes. Uniquely designed to prevent spillage, PETKIT Spillproof Mat has a four-edged border design to protect your floor from water leaks and food spills by trapping food and water within the mat.


    • Easy to clean and maintain: Simply rinse it in water or wash it with soap.
    • Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes.
    • Lick safe, non-toxic finest material quality.
    • Water-proof and spill-proof.
    • High specification silicone material designed for two-sided usage.
    • Place the back part (shiny-side down) of the PETKIT Silicone Spill-Proof Mat on your preferred location below your pet's bowl, feeder or fountain.
    • Flexibility to cut and combine to create different shapes according to your pet's food dish shape.
    • Product Dimensions: 46 cm Length X 34 cm Width X 0.2cm Thickness
    • Packed as a roll.

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