Stefanplast Cleaner Litter Carpet

By Stefanplast

39 x 35 cm

  • The Stefanplast Cleaner Litter Carpet is able to reduce litter scatter and tracking from the litter pan to the floors and around your house. It has ridges on the carpet that will collect the litter sticked to your cat's paws as he/she exits the litter pan. Simply place the Stefanplast Cleaner Litter Carpet in front of your cat's litter pan and it will be able to contain any litter spills or tracking to keep your house clean. Made with high quality rubber in Italy, this carpet can also keep the litter pans securely in place and is also easy to clean.


    • Reduce litter scatter and tracking from litter pans
    • Has ridges on the carpet to collect litter stick to cat's paws
    • Helps to keep litter pans securely in place
    • Easy to clean
    • Dimensions: 39 x 35 cm

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