Stefanplast Premium Air Tight Food Container For Dogs & Cats (Bianco Trasparente, Clear)

By Stefanplast


  • Stefanplast Premium Cat & Dog Food Container (Bianco Trasparente) is equipped with a rubber airtight closing to stock up on food and keep it fresh and crispy. Available in different colors and sizes, it is equipped with a lateral coupling device to place it side-by-side and to have various types of food conveniently available according to needs.


    • Keeps out potential pests and moisture from humidity, eliminating the risk of your pet's food going stale or becoming moldy
    • Keeps kibble fresh in a convenient container
    • Made with premium non-toxic plastic so it's safe to use for food
    • Made in Italy
    • Measurements:
      • 15L:32 x 22 x 41 cm (<3kg of kibble weight)
      • 25L:39 x 24 x 51 cm (5-8kg of kibble weight)
      • 40L:45 x 27 x 61 cm (8-12kg of kibble weight)
      • Do allow +/- 15% variance due to difference in kibble size

      • The presentation, packaging, size and measurements of this product is subject to change by manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.