TropiClean Fresh Breath - Oral Care Kit (Toothbrush, Finger Brush, & Gel) For Cats

By TropiClean

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TropiClean Oral Care Kit For Cats is an all inclusive kit that comes with a toothbrush, finger brush and brushing gel - all that your pet would need for good oral care! With a specifically designed TripleFlex toothbrush with bristles on 3 sides, it can help to clean all surfaces of your pet's teeth! Used consistently and daily, it can provide your cat with good dental protection and fresher breath!


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  • Features

    • Freshens breath and gently helps to dissolve plaque and tartar when used together.
    • Save time with TripleFlex toothbrush’s faster brushing.
    • Gentle finger brush is better suited for sensitive areas like gums.

    • Breed Size: All Sizes
    • Life Stage: All Stages from 4 Months
    • Size: 2 oz
    • Made in:United States

        • Choose a Tropiclean brush and squeeze a small amount of Tropiclean brushing gel onto the brush. Gently brush your cat’s teeth in a circular motion. Brush teeth once daily.

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