10% OFF: Unicharm Deo Toilet Cat Litter Box (Zeolite Pellets Refill)

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  • Unicharm Cat Litter Box Top Deck Pellet Refill has a blend of zeolite and silica gel that effectively eliminate odours as it neutralises ammonia in your cat’s waste. Aside from reducing unpleasant odours, Unicharm Cat Litter Box Top Deck Pellet Refill lets urine smoothly filter onto the bottom deck sheet, keeping the litter box clean and dry. Unicharm Cat Litter Box Top Deck Pellet Refill is part of the double deck system of Unicharm Deo Toilet Litter Box with Unicharm Cat Litter Box Bottom Deck Sheet Refill 4pc.


    • Non-clumping and allow urine to flow smoothly to bottom layer pad, keeping litter box clean and dry
    • Anti-odour & anti-bacterial Zeolite pellets eliminate unpleasant odour
    • Anti-tracking & silica coated cylinder-shaped pellets do not stick to paw
    • Change only ONCE a month (2L each time)
    • Recommended for use with Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter Box 

    • Breed Size: All Sizes
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Size: 2 Litres 

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    • Installation Procedure
      1. Use the designated scoop to remove the feces or dirty cat litter.
      2. If the top deck’s sand is reduced, please purchase Unicharm Pet top layer zeolite pellet refill pack and refill with it.
      3. To avoid the excretion of odor, in the case of 8kg cat, please change the sand once a month
      4. In the loose stool’s situation, please remove the dirty cat litter. If the toilet very dirty, please wash it and use after dry off.